How do I find my ANS/AC/RNS Number

Click here to find your Athletics NS/ Athletcis Canada Number. 


How do I register for my first meet?

Click here to find out How to register for your first meet.


What are the age categories?

Click here to find the age categories


How do I find our if practice is cancelled?

In general, we try not to cancel practice. If we do cancel, It will be posted on the "Home" page of the website under "TRAINING SCEDULE". We will also send an email and post on Facebook and twitter. We will try to cancel at least an hour before practice. 


Who do I contact about payment?
If you are looking to register with the club you can sign up and pay online by following this link: https://www.trackie.com/online-registration/event/halifast-athletics-club-registration/2455/#.V3P2ArgrK01

If you are having difficulties registering for the club you can contact our Registrar, Naté-Janine Williams, by email halifastathletics@gmail.com


What do I do if I need financial assistance?
There are a few different options avaible for athletes who need financial assistance, such as the Jumpstart Program or Kidsport. If you are not eligible for these programs please contact our Registrar, Naté-Janine Williams, by email halifastathletics@gmail.com

We also have information on the FEES section of our website!



Can I get a refund if my child has an injury or cahnges his/her mind? 
Yes, minus our $40 non-refundable fee and the Athletics Nova Scotia non-refundable fee of $75. 


Do I pay full price if my child starts late?

No, when you register with the club there will be an option to select a lower payment based on the date you are registering! Speak to the Registrar for mor info.


What days do we train indoors?

Our indoor season sessions are held in the Canada Games Center in Clayton Park. October 2, 2017 April 11, 2018


What event group should my child be in? Can we change groups?
Most athletes 12 and up start in the Development group and switch to a specific event group later. Athletes that are under 12 will either go to Run Jump Throw (5-9) or Minifast (8-11).


Why Development?

HaliFAST encourages all our athletes to try every event. As a new athlete you may have an idea of the events you want to do, but through Development you may also discover a passion for other events!


What should I wear/bring to practice?

  • PLENTY OF WATER! Some days you might only drink a little water and some days you may run out. It’s always better to bring lots!

  • DRESS FOR THE WEATHER! This mean bringing clothing appropriate for the weather (i.e. raincoats, rain pants, shorts, etc.). If it’s raining chances are you might want more than just your shorts.

  • ALWAYS BRING LAYERS! Too many people are warming up in shorts and a t-shirt. Make sure you are bringing sweaters, sweatpants, long sleeve shirts, leggings, etc. to warm up in. When you warm up in your shorts you can hurt yourself during the workout!

  • PROPER FOOTWEAR! Nike frees look nice, but if you are doing lots of running at a practice you want to make sure you have proper footwear. If you are planning on buying new workout shoes, you can always consult your coach first!

  • SPIKES! Not everyone will have spikes and not everyone will need them! Check with your coach before buying any type of spike.


What do I do when I get to a meet?

  • First thing you should do when you get to a meet is find the registration table and grab your number. If you didn't pay online, this is also the place you go to pay for the meet!
  • Next you should make sure you have your event time right! Sometimes things may get changed or you may have read the time incorrectly. 
  • If you have lots of time to kill before your event, make sure you are drinking enough water/eating food. Remember to also stay out of the sun/rain and don't waste all your energy walking around the track all day! 
  • Warming up is next. Make sure you have 45 minutes to 1 hour for warm up prep. You can do the same types of drills you would do in practice and a few strides or another meet warm-up your coach has approved.
  • Make sure you are paying attention during your warm up for check-in announcements! You may have to check-in to an event halfway through your warm up. If you are checking in for a field event, you usually go to where the event is taking place, eg. throws pit, jumps pit, sprinting events will usually check-in at a booth by the start line. Listen to the announcements/ask officials where you should be going!
  • When you are at your event, take a few practice throws, jumps, blocks!


Where can I buy spikes?

Local athletic stores like Aerobics First, Sportchek, Cleve's Source for Sports, and Footlocker will have a small selection of spikes. If you want more of a variety, there are lots of online options. If choosing the online option, make sure to note that some sites ship from the US and will be in US prices! Common websites online are:


What size spikes should I get? 

Spikes are definitely hard to buy the first time around. All types of spikes are sized differently, as well as all brands. Running Warehouse has an excellent page for spike sizing information here.