UPDATED June 2020

Outdoor Season Beazley Field, Dartmouth

Indoor Season Canada Games Centre, Halifax

Regular Annual Membership 11+  TBD

Regular Spring/Summer Membership 11*+ (June- August)


MiniFAST 8-11 years of age Due to Covid 19 limitations not being held TBD
Run, Jump, Throw  6-11*(6 weeks) Due to Covid limitations nt being held TBD
KidSport (special funding, see below) application
Jumpstart (special funding, see below) application
University $200
Senior/Masters (Spring/Summer) $175
Senior/Masters (Fall/Winter) TBD
HaliFAST Road Runners (Annual) $200
Late Registration - (Please contact Registrar for more info) N/A

2 Week Trial (NEW APPLICANTS ONLY, covers 4 sessions.

**Please contact Registrar for more info N/A in 2020


*Note: Depends on skill level. Please contact Registrar for more info.

CLUB FEES - covers registration with ANS, facility rental, coach stipend, equipment, club events, cotton tshirt, etc..

No registration will be rejected due to inability to pay. Please contact the Registrar in the strictest confidence. See below.


Singlets $65

Singlets are no longer included in fees. In this way, only those who need singlets will pay for them. $65 is the actual cost of the singlet. Athletes who do not use the competitive singlet will not subsidize the cost. Athletes pay for them when they need one. They are good quality and typically last a number of years.

No singlet request will be denied due to inability to pay. Please contact the registrar in the strictest of confidence.


No registration will be rejected due to inability to pay. Please contact the Registrar in the strictest confidence

If you feel you may require financial assistance to help join our club, please visit:

1) Kidsport. You may qualify for a grant from the KidSport program. You are required to give a copy of your tax assessment for this application.  KidSport offers up to $300 per year to join a club. We encourage athetes and their parents to ask for $200 for the club (which will cover the yearly fee) and $100 for themsleves for "equipment" (sneakers, spikes etc.).

2) Canadian Tire’s JumpStart Program also requires a copy of your tax assessment. They offer $300 of funding.

3) If you do not qualify and have financial concerns, please contact Naté-Janine Williams here



HaliFAST offers a convenient online registration form. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete! Simply enter the athlete information and click SUBMIT once complete. Note fields with * are required.  If you are an athlete under 18 years of age a parent/guardian must complete the form on your behalf.

Registration must be complete before you go to your first practice.

Payment is due before the first training session. You may split the fee into payments and use post-dated cheques. A 2 week trial period is available. You can pay online after the 2 week trial.  Please contact the Registrar for more info BEFORE registering for the trial.