MiniFAST Program

Monday, May 25, 2015

The Minifast group is not just for younger athletes - although most athletes will be under 14 years of age. It is meant to focus on coordination, technique and skill development. It is being developed by kinesiologists. The distances run are shorter -  but this is done on purpose.  This is based on the Long Term Athlete Devlopment  (LTAD) Model which states that for chiildren 12 and under only bouts of up to 8 seconds are recommeneded. At this age we are not looking to cause physiological stress to the body. Rest periods are used often and are meant  to increase the QUALITY of the bout, NOT the QUANTITY. Appropriate rest means each repetition can be of maximal effort and higher quality. If this causes concern for the athletes that are above 12, but need the coordination/skill development, note that they will get longer bouts on the Wednesday practice with the Devlopment group.  There is a set plan for each session and we intend to adhere to that plan as it is in the best interest of the athlete's training.

The  Minifast group is smaller for optimal observation. There will be feedback midway and at the end of the 8 week session. This is a helpful process for us to get to know the athletes as they go through our system.

We are happy to have Development athletes come to check it out. They can continue with Development group at the same time. The MiniFAST coaches will work in Development as well, so there is continuity between the groups.